12.05.18: Dr Andrew O’Regan GP: “This debate is not about health care.”

Full speech of Dr Andrew O’Regan GP, at LoveBoth rally: A chairde – ardaíonn sé mo chroí a bheith in aonacht libh inniú. What a privilege to be here with you. I reluctantly joined in this referendum campaign. I was busy with my work and family and my wife, Siobhán, was expecting a baby. As the debate progressed it […]

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12.05.18: “NO” Vote is the only way to stop abortion on demand

Tens of thousands of people attended the final Love Both rally in Dublin this afternoon, the last of six regional rallies which took place around the country in recent weeks. The focus of today’s event was the extreme nature of the Government’s abortion proposal and the fact that it would inevitably open the door to […]

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11.05.18: Master of the Rotunda should apologise over his highly offensive remarks on radio

((Press release)) On yesterday’s Liveline programme on RTÉ, the Master of the Rotunda hospital, Dr Fergal Malone described as “the unfortunate few” those families and women who receive a test result showing the detection of Down Syndrome during pregnancy. This characterisation as “the unfortunate few” was immediately criticised by one of the guests on the […]

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10.05.18: Three mothers that faced pressure to terminate their pregnancies

A Love Both media conference in Dublin heard from three parents that faced pressure from clinicians in Ireland to terminate their pregnancies following diagnosis of chromosomal conditions. Sinéad McBreen, a nurse, said she came under “enormous pressure” from doctors to abort following a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. “I was asked to consider abortion and was […]

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09.05.18: Google decision an outrageous interference in the democratic process – LoveBoth

Following on from today’s decision by Google to ban all advertising relating to the abortion referendum, Cora Sherlock of LoveBoth called the decision an “outrageous interference in the democratic process which should be immediately reversed.” Pro-abortion group Together for Yes applauded Google’s decision as a ‘big first step’. Cora Sherlock described this reaction as “extremely […]

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08.05.18: LoveBoth unveils building wrap asking public to Vote “No”

LoveBoth Building wrap

The LoveBoth building wrap in Dublin highlighs the fact that a vote for repeal would lead to abortion on demand. Located on Gardiner Street, the building wrap reminds the public to Vote No on May 25th. Commenting on the wrap, LoveBoth spokesperson Clare McCarthy said: “Unfortunately there has been very little discussion about what the Government’s proposal actually […]

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Disappointing to see Irish actors come out in support of abortion on demand

Over the course of the weekend a number of Irish actors announced their support for the removal of the right to life for the unborn child from the Irish Constitution, and the introduction of abortion on demand into Ireland. Responding to this Cora Sherlock of the LoveBoth campaign stated: “I’m sure many people feel very let […]

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05.05.18: #LoveBothVoteNo Tour sets off from Dublin


The #LoveBothVoteNo Tour set off from Dublin today on the first leg of its tour around the country. A team of LoveBoth volunteers boarded the bus at City Hall before leaving the city for the tour’s first stops in Mullingar, Carrick-on-shannon and Sligo. Commenting at the launch, LoveBoth spokesperson Katie Ascough said: “With less than 3 […]

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04.05.18: LoveBoth delivers letter to Minister Simon Harris on debate challenge

Simon Harris debate abortion proposal

Cora Sherlock of the LoveBoth campaign delivered a letter to the Dáil, formally calling on the Minister for Health, Simon Harris to honour his commitment to debate his abortion proposal with the LoveBoth campaign. Commenting earlier she said: “Today we are handing in a letter formally asking the Minister to name the time and place […]

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04.05.18: Government abortion proposal would allow discrimination against babies with disabilities 

Abortion discriminates

The Government’s abortion proposal would discriminate against babies with disabilities. LoveBoth was highlighting the fact that a vote for repeal would hand complete power over to the Government to pass whatever laws they want. Commenting earlier, LoveBoth spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said: “There is no legal prohibition on abortion for reasons of disability in the Government’s proposal […]

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