Over the course of the weekend a number of Irish actors announced their support for the removal of the right to life for the unborn child from the Irish Constitution, and the introduction of abortion on demand into Ireland.

Responding to this Cora Sherlock of the LoveBoth campaign stated:

“I’m sure many people feel very let down to see celebrities join in with the political chorus that is trying to persuade the Irish people to introduce abortion on demand into this country, a course of action that would only repeat the mistakes made in England and other European countries. The legacy of abortion in England, Iceland, Norway and Denmark as well as so many other countries has been a deliberate targeting and destruction of disabled children, and thousands of lives lost every year, coupled with lasting trauma associated with abortion regret for countless women.”

She continued:

“It’s very disappointing that Irish celebrities have chosen to use their voice, not in defence of the weak but in defence of a Government proposal to take the right to life out of the Constitution. Have people like Liam Neeson actually thought about what is involved in allowing abortion without restriction on children up to 12 weeks old, when they already have perfectly formed little arms, legs, and a beating heart?”

She concluded:

“The Irish people are not so easily fooled as to follow the consensus in the media and entertainment world, and increasingly they are seeing this referendum for what it is all about – the introduction of abortion on demand.”