Day 99

My brain is developing fast this week too… particularly the areas that will control my sense of taste, touch, hearing, smell, and vision. In just a few more weeks, I will be able to see light, even from here in the womb… the outside world is going to be such an incredible adventure for me!

Day 97

I’m growing fast in here, Mammy… I’m now the size of an onion, measuring 13 centimeters in length and weighing 170 grammes! I will also start developing fat tissue soon… which will not only make me look incredibly cute but is vital to help me stay warm and store energy.

Day 95

Did you feel something just now? Like butterflies in your stomach? That’s me! It will be a few more weeks until anyone else can feel it… so for now, it’s my special way of saying “hello” just to you, Mammy!

Day 92

My hearing is now rapidly developing too… in fact, you may feel me jump if I hear a loud noise!

Day 90

Last week I started practising how to breathe, and this week I’ve started practising my facial expressions too. As I grow up, I’m going to know how to look at you just right to get what I want!

Day 88

You went to the doctor’s office this morning… and you got the big news you’ve been waiting for! Your ultrasound showed clearly that I’m a healthy baby girl. I can’t wait to meet you, Mammy… and I’m excited to see the clothes and toys you pick out for me!

Day 85

I’m not just getting bigger, I’m getting stronger too! My neck is now able to hold my head up more, and my arms and legs are growing longer and stronger. Very soon you’ll be able to feel me punch and kick… and early next week, you’ll find out whether I’m a boy or a girl! […]

Day 83

Happy Valentine’s Day! I already love you so much, Mammy! I hope you’re not feeling too uncomfortable. My weight has nearly doubled again over the last week… and your “baby bump” is really starting to show now too. You may want to buy a pregnancy pillow to help you sleep comfortably.

Day 81

I’m learning a lot of new things in here. My tiny lungs are still developing, but I’ve already started practising how to breathe!

Day 78

You still can’t feel it, Mammy… but I’m really moving around in here! This is helping me build up muscle tone, and my movements are becoming much smoother and more coordinated. I think I’ll be ready to arm wrestle Dad soon!