Who We Are

LoveBoth promotes the protection of mother and baby in pregnancy and highlights the very many people alive today because of Ireland’s 8th Amendment. We are very much a grassroots campaign and comprise of many individuals and organisations who are now actively campaigning for the restoration of full legal protection to unborn babies in Ireland.

As the Government releases its plans for abortion legislation over the summer, we will hold them to their commitments made before the referendum and ensure that the public is made fully aware at each stage so that the Government is held fully accountable for the shocking damage they have done to human rights protection in Ireland, and the loss of life that this will entail.

The group includes The Pro Life Campaign and welcomes representatives from Students for Life, Women Hurt by Abortion, and One Day More.


Our commitment:

  • To assiduously check our sources before releasing any story, video or advertisement and to make a genuine effort to always present the truth.
  • To call our news media when they propagandise under the guise of news.
  • To continue to be fearless in working towards a more welcoming society for mothers and babies.