LoveBoth Summer Cake Sale

In aid of New and Expectant Mothers in need


🎉 Get Ready to Sweeten Lives: Host a LoveBoth Summer Cake Sale! 🍰

Organising a LoveBoth Summer Cake Sale in your community is not only easy but also incredibly rewarding! We’ve crafted the ultimate guide to make your cake sale a great success.


Why Choose a Cake Sale?

  • Quick & Easy: In just a short time, you can raise significant funds while having a blast.
  • Inclusive: It’s a fantastic way to get everyone involved and spread joy in your community.



How to Make Your Cake Sale a Hit:

  1. Gather Your Team: Rally your squad for a baking bonanza! Use a WhatsApp group for easy planning.
  2. Pick the Perfect Venue: Choose a bustling spot like the church hall or community centre post-service.
  3. Mark Your Calendar: Set a date, get venue permission, and you’re good to go!
  4. Get Baking: Call on friends and family to whip up treats. Think cakes, brownies, and cupcakes galore!
  5. Spread the Word: Advertise far and wide – parish bulletins, social media, posters, and school newsletters.
  6. Decorate & Delight: Deck out your stall with colourful bunting and decorations. Contact us for extra flair.
  7. Go the Extra Mile: Boost sales with a raffle or ‘guess the sweets’ contest. Don’t forget enticing prizes!


On Sale Day:

  1. Price It Right: Offer a range of price points to suit everyone’s wallet.
  2. Set the Scene: Set up your stall, cash box, and proudly display your goodies.
  3. Celebrate & Share: Announce contest winners and revel in making a difference.
  4. Pay It Forward: Send proceeds to LoveBoth and feel the satisfaction of making a meaningful impact.


Tip: Have as many sellers as possible ready for the first 20-30 minute rush.


Order Your Cake Sale Kit Today 🎁

Get all you need, from posters to templates, to make your event a sweet success! Simply click below to get involved and order your cake sale kit!



What’s Inside Your Cake Sale Kit?

  • Instruction Sheet
  • Eye-catching Posters
  • Vibrant Bunting and Balloons
  • Tablecloth
  • Newsletter Templates
  • WhatsApp Message Templates
  • Community Connect Leaflets
  • Collection Bucket (optional)
  • Lodgement Details


Join us in raising funds to support new and pregnant mothers in need, one delicious treat at a time. Order your kit today and let’s make a difference together!