27.03.19: Join the LoveBoth team and sign up for the VHI Mini Marathon!

  Calling all pro-life ladies! The LoveBoth Project is taking part in the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019.  We’d love if as many of our supporters as possible could join us on for a day of fun and fitness. All the funds raised will support the LoveBoth ‘Show Your Love’ initiative […]

8.02.2019: ‘Show Your Love’ St.Valentines Day Support for moms and babies

As readers know, St. Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, 14th February. We are asking supporters to show their love for Moms and babies in need by sending us vouchers (to buy nappies and other essentials) and/or new or unused vests and babygros. We will distribute them to organisations that help pregnant women and mothers with […]

04.09.18: Harris is misleading public on abortion opt-outs – PLC

  Group launches online ‘freedom of conscience for doctors’ initiative The Pro Life Campaign says that Health Minister Simon Harris is misleading the public by claiming that freedom of conscience opt-outs for doctors are fully protected in the Government’s proposed new abortion law. The group is calling on its supporters to lobby politicians on the […]

29.08.18: Challenge to abortion referendum result serves important role, says PLC

The Pro Life Campaign has said that there is always merit in challenging referendum decisions that threaten the lives of the most vulnerable. The Campaign was commenting following reports that Joanna Jordan’s court challenge to the result of the recent abortion referendum was dismissed by the Court of Appeal. Spokesperson for the PLC Cora Sherlock […]

03.08.18: TDs behaving like global cheerleaders for abortion

8th Amendment Abortion in England

The Pro Life Campaign has said some TDs appear to be “obsessed” with abortion of late and “are behaving like global cheerleaders for legalised abortion.” The PLC was commenting on news that over sixty TDs and Senators have signed a letter calling on Argentina’s senate to legalise wide-ranging abortion. A fortnight ago, a similar number […]

25.07.18: Address by Cora Sherlock to the MacGill Summer School, Glenties, Co. Donegal

  Address by Cora Sherlock on the Eighth Amendment referendum result, Mac Gill Summer School, Glenties, Co Donegal, Wednesday 25th July 2018 In assessing what the referendum result signifies, the first thing that ought to be explored is how the result came about. The result was hailed as representing a “seismic shift” in public attitudes […]