27.03.19: Join the LoveBoth team and sign up for the VHI Mini Marathon!


Calling all pro-life ladies!

The LoveBoth Project is taking part in the VHI Women’s Mini Marathon on Sunday, June 2nd, 2019.  We’d love if as many of our supporters as possible could join us on for a day of fun and fitness.

All the funds raised will support the LoveBoth ‘Show Your Love’ initiative to support women in unplanned pregnancy and new mothers in need.


How can you support the cause? 

Click here to sponsor these amazing women through their GoFundMe account.


How can you get involved?  

Register for the race directly on the VHI website by clicking here.  Once you register, you’ll be given an official confirmation number. After you receive your confirmation number please fill out the form below.

We’ll then send you out your official LoveBoth race pack including a sponsorship card and some training support. You will receive your t-shirt on the day.

If you would be interested in training with others in the group from your area please contact us at



Support the June Fundraising Challenge!

Usually at this time of your, many of our volunteers are in training to participate in the VHI Mini Marathon in June to raise much needed funds for support services for women in unplanned pregnancy and new mothers.  Since were are unable to do that this year due to Covid-19, we are encouraging you instead to join up to the LoveBoth June Fundraising Challenge.

How you can you get involved.

Register for the Challenge by completing the form below.  We’ll then send you out your official LoveBoth race pack including a sponsorship form and a T-shirt.

And if you can’t compete, please take a moment to donate to the Challenge here


8.02.2019: ‘Show Your Love’ St.Valentines Day Support for moms and babies

As readers know, St. Valentine’s Day is on Thursday, 14th February. We are asking supporters to show their love for Moms and babies in need by sending us vouchers (to buy nappies and other essentials) and/or new or unused vests and babygros.

We will distribute them to organisations that help pregnant women and mothers with newborns in need of care and support – with a particular focus on women who are homeless or in emergency accommodation.

Send your gift today to LoveBoth Project, 60, Clifton House, Lower Fitzwilliam Street, Dublin 2.

Thank you!

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19.09.18: Those who thought abortion law would be restrictive just got a rude awakening – PLC

The Pro Life Campaign has said that today’s proceedings at the Oireachtas Committee looking at the upcoming legislation on abortion was “a rude awakening” for anyone who thought the new abortion law would be restrictive.

Commenting on today’s proceedings, Dr Ruth Cullen of the Pro Life Campaign said: “Today’s committee hearings brought into sharp focus the extreme nature of the abortion law about to be introduced. It’s a definite rude awakening for anyone who thought the law would be somewhat restrictive.”

Dr Cullen said: “It was like watching a replay of the choreographed sessions of the same committee that took place prior to the referendum. The proposed legislation appears to be getting more extreme by the minute based on what happened today. The calls by Dr Peter Boylan and others to consider shelving the three day waiting period for abortion was probably predictable but it’s also sad that all the focus is on speeding up abortions, leaving little or no time for women to reflect on the enormity of what the procedure involves. Some argued today at the committee that it is paternalistic to have a three day waiting period before an abortion takes place. It would be more fitting to describe as paternalistic denying a woman access to full information on what precisely an abortion involves and the possible negative after effects it can have for some women.

Dr Cullen concluded: “It is clear Health Minister Simon Harris and others in government have no interest in hearing perspectives other than ones that zealously back abortion. It is going to take time but the public will realise the full extent of the charade that is going on when the reality of what the abortion law permits starts to sink in.”


09.09.18: Unborn babies won’t ever see the light of day in Harris’ “brighter Ireland”, says former Taoiseach

Former Taoiseach John Bruton has said that the pro-repeal side, after victory in the recent referendum, were “not always magnanimous, or respectful of the pluralist nature of Irish society and Irish values.”

Addressing a gathering of over 800 people at the annual Pro Life Campaign dinner in Dublin on Saturday evening, Mr Bruton singled out Minister Simon Harris over recent remarks he made.

Mr Bruton said: “The Minister for Health, speaking in the Dáil after the referendum, on 31 May, did not seem to me to display the balance, and attentiveness to other points of view, that one would like to see in someone who will be deciding on the detailed content of the Termination of Pregnancy Bill.

“He spoke of the referendum result inaugurating what he called ‘a brighter Ireland’. It will not be a bright Ireland for the little babies who will have their lives ended before being allowed to see the light of a single Irish day.

The former Taoiseach continued: “He talked of the referendum result ‘consigning a misogynistic legacy to the history books’. He did not seem to reflect on the fact that half the babies whose lives will be ended before birth will be girls. Those little girls will face the most extreme form of misogyny.

“He claimed the ‘Yes’ campaign was built on a ‘coalition of compassion’. He thus seemed to imply that those who voted ‘No’ are not compassionate. Maybe that is not what he meant, but nothing could be further from the truth. He spoke of the referendum meaning that we are ‘maturing into a tolerant, non-judgemental, inclusive Republic’. The Minister’s own speech was rather judgemental, and not particularly tolerant of those who sincerely disagree with him on the issue of abortion.”

Mr Bruton said that the Government’s proposal at this point in time “requires a doctor, who has a conscientious objection to doing an abortion, to ‘make arrangements to transfer the care’ of the woman to a doctor who will do it.”

This he said “is aiding and abetting the abortion, and there is no conscience clause here either.”

Mr Bruton said he fears “that doctors who are known to oppose abortion will be targeted under this clause by people wishing to catch them out and put them under threat of criminal prosecution because of their religious or human rights beliefs. There have been examples of this sort of targeting in other fields, where there are strong but conflicting views in the population.

He said that “rather than place this burden on doctors who believe abortion is wrong, it would be more sensible to publish an affirmative list of those who have no conscientious objection to doing abortions.”

Referring to other sections of the Government’s proposed legislation, he said “it will be permissible to end the life of what is deemed a ‘non-viable’ baby, at any stage in the pregnancy, if allowing the baby to be born would pose a ‘risk’ of serious harm to the mental  health of the child’s mother. Again this is a very loose ground for ending a life. It involves the doctors in making a prediction about the future mental health of the mother after the baby might have been born. Whatever about adjudicating about present mental health, deciding about future mental health is completely speculative. And on the basis of that speculation, a baby’s life is to be ended. Indeed it is arguable that having an abortion is more likely, at some stage in the future, to trigger mental problems.”
Mr Bruton encouraged those attending Saturday evening’s dinner to lobby strongly for amendments to the Government’s legislative proposals which will be introduced to the Dáil in the coming weeks.

He said: “We must continue to work vigilantly at legislative level, within the new constitutional dispensation. And there is much that can be achieved in the immediate future.”

And then challenged the Government to take on board some of the concerns of those who voted ‘No’, saying: “In a mature Republic, one would listen to, and deal respectfully with, the arguments and values of the other side, on any important issue. That did not happen during the years of preparation of the referendum, and the mantra of ‘compassion’ was deemed sufficient to end all argument about the basic question of when life begins, when a life becomes a human, and hence when it ought to acquire human rights.”

Referring to disparaging remarks Simon Harris made about the pro-life side after the referendum, the former Taoiseach said: “I hope that this was just elation, in the immediate aftermath of winning a political battle, and that he will now show tolerance and inclusiveness, when considering amendments to the legislation he has proposed.”
In addition to encouraging people to lobby for amendments to the legislation, Mr Bruton also called on pro-life supporters to play an active role in proposing positive alternatives to abortion.

He said: “It is unclear what the new shared values of Irish society are to be. The referendum did not end the debate. If life is not the primary value, what is? To fill that vacant space, and drawing on the most modern medical knowledge, the pro-life arguments will need to be made, over and over again, to the young people of Ireland and to the generations that will succeed them.

“These arguments, if repeated often and courageously, will remain in people’s minds, and will influence the private decisions that Irish women, their partners, and their loved ones will make in future, as to whether to accept a new person into their family circle, with all the responsibilities, joys and sacrifices that that entails.”

He concluded his address with these words: “Notwithstanding the change in the law, the number of abortions can continue to be reduced, if people are convinced that there is a better and more just way. Lighting that way forward is the real route to a brighter Ireland.”


04.09.18: Harris is misleading public on abortion opt-outs – PLC


Group launches online ‘freedom of conscience for doctors’ initiative

The Pro Life Campaign says that Health Minister Simon Harris is misleading the public by claiming that freedom of conscience opt-outs for doctors are fully protected in the Government’s proposed new abortion law. The group is calling on its supporters to lobby politicians on the issue and “to speak up for the rights of doctors not to be forced to assist in facilitating abortions taking place.”

As part of its campaign, the PLC has launched a new online initiative where members of the public can send a ready to go e-card to their local TDs on the matter, at:

Commenting on the group’s latest lobbying initiative, Pro Life Campaign spokesperson Dr Ruth Cullen said: “Simon Harris’s claim that freedom of conscience rights will be protected under any new legislation is absolutely untrue. His draft legislation compels doctors who don’t want to perform abortions to refer those seeking an abortion to another doctor who will carry out the procedure. It is a gross violation of the conscience rights of a doctor to force him or her to make arrangements for the certain death of an unborn baby whenever a request for an abortion is made.

“The Government’s proposal defines abortion as ‘a medical procedure which is intended to end the life of a foetus.’ The intent here couldn’t be clearer and the words used could hardly be any colder or clinical in describing what’s being sanctioned. It doesn’t matter how many times Minister Harris describes his proposal as ‘healthcare’, intentionally and deliberately setting out to end the life of an unborn baby has nothing whatsoever to do with genuine healthcare.”

Dr Cullen continued:

“It’s an outrage the way the Minister for Health is coercing doctors to go against their conscience and get in line with this Government’s extreme abortion proposal. The right of doctors and healthcare professionals not to have to participate in abortions is a civil rights and human rights issue. I don’t think Simon Harris understands the depth of feeling and opposition to this particular provision. If the Government refuses to change its position, I can assure the Minister that pro-life supporters and groups will come together and mount a massive public campaign of opposition and if necessary turn it into a major election issue. ”


29.08.18: Challenge to abortion referendum result serves important role, says PLC

The Pro Life Campaign has said that there is always merit in challenging referendum decisions that threaten the lives of the most vulnerable.

The Campaign was commenting following reports that Joanna Jordan’s court challenge to the result of the recent abortion referendum was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Spokesperson for the PLC Cora Sherlock said:

“It is important that referendum decisions that may lead to the introduction of laws that would end the lives of the most vulnerable among us are scrutinised. This is particularly true in the present case.  The Minister for Health has already indicated his intention to introduce abortion legislation as soon as the referendum result has been confirmed. This would mean the introduction of a law to allow for the ending of the lives of unborn babies.   For this reason it is important that there is no doubt about the result.

She continued:

“While the challenge has not been successful so far, it has nonetheless provided a welcome opportunity to highlight issues which should be of concern to everyone, regardless of their position on abortion, for example, the need for the register of voters to be fully checked and updated in advance of any future vote.  It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the Government did not see fit to carry out this work before the referendum took place.

“Of greater importance however, is the time that this application has given to the country to pause and reflect on the vote itself.  Quite apart from the fact that the loss of the Eighth Amendment means that unborn babies will lose their lives for no reason – an extreme departure for a country which has always valued and protected every human life – there are other serious matters that must now be addressed.  Chief among these is the issue of genuine conscientious objection for doctors and healthcare workers, something which must be copperfastened into any future legislation if we are to remain a country that respects freedom of conscience.”


09.08.2018 Argentinian Senate rejects same pro-abortion propaganda that dominated debate in Ireland

The Pro Life Campaign has welcomed the vote in the Argentinian Senate against the introduction of wide-ranging abortion.

Pro Life Campaign spokesperson, Cora Sherlock said: “There’s one marked difference between the abortion debate in Argentina and the recent one in Ireland. Thankfully the lies that were repeatedly told by many abortion supporters during the referendum debate in Ireland didn’t pervade the debate in Argentina to the same extent. The evidence of the negative after-effects of abortion on women and the fact that abortion kills an innocent unborn baby clearly resonated during the public debate in Argentina in recent weeks. The scaremongering and deep seated bias from large sections of the media didn’t win out on this occasion. That’s a great result for mums and their unborn babies and the right to life which is being disregarded in so many places at present.”

38 Argentinian senators voted against the abortion on demand proposal, 31 voted in favour and 2 senators abstained.


03.08.18: TDs behaving like global cheerleaders for abortion

8th Amendment Abortion in England

The Pro Life Campaign has said some TDs appear to be “obsessed” with abortion of late and “are behaving like global cheerleaders for legalised abortion.”

The PLC was commenting on news that over sixty TDs and Senators have signed a letter calling on Argentina’s senate to legalise wide-ranging abortion. A fortnight ago, a similar number of TDs and Senators signed a letter pressuring British Prime Minister Theresa May over Northern Ireland’s pro-life laws. On August 8th, the Argentinian senate will vote on whether a bill legalising abortion in the first 14 weeks of pregnancy becomes law.

Commenting on the decision of over sixty members of the Oireachtas to try and influence the Argentinian vote, Eilís Mulroy of the Pro Life Campaign said: “Some TDs of late appear obsessed with abortion. It looks like they’re not doing much else but campaigning on the issue. More and more, they are behaving like global cheerleaders for abortion.

She continued: “In their letter to Argentinian senators, the Oireachtas members present themselves as experts on the issue given their involvement in campaigning for changes to abortion laws in Ireland. The truth is they presided over a process in this country that shut out the heart-breaking testimonies of women who regret their abortions. It was a process that also ignored Ireland’s record as a world leader in safety for pregnant women without recourse to abortion.

“All of the signatories to the letter declare abortion as a ‘human right’ but not one of them has ever stated where they believe human rights or the right to life begin. These same members of the Oireachtas are uncomfortable with abortion being described as ‘killing’. But that’s precisely what abortion involves. It ends the life of a new and unique human life with the same potential and value as every member of the Oireachtas or Argentinian senate.

“Before the referendum in Ireland, most TDs on the ‘Yes’ side campaigned as though they only favoured restrictive abortion. Now voters can see what these elected representatives really supported all along, namely an international right to unrestricted abortion where the rights of unborn babies are set at zero. We will ensure the electorate is fully reminded of this at the next election.”

Signatories of the letter to the Argentinian senate include: Brendan Howlin, Catherine Noone, Niall Collins, Noel Rock, Ivana Bacik and Joan Burton.


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