2. Serce dziecka zaczyna bić już 21 dni od poczęcia.

Każdy z nas, jako bezbronne nienarodzone dziecko, przebył podróż od poczęcia do narodzin. W 1967, kiedy aborcja została wprowadzona w Wielkiej Brytanii, politycy mogli się zasłaniać niewiedzą o pełnym człowieczeństwie dziecka poczętego. Dziś, nie ma już takiej wymówki, gdyż większość z nas widziała takie zdjęcia USG własnych dzieci lub członków rodziny. Etapy wczesnego rozwoju Czwarty […]

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1. Ósma poprawka ocala życie.

Jestem bardzo wdzięczna że istniała ósma poprawka. Uchroniła mnie przed szybką i pochopną decyzją podczas mojej kryzysowej ciąży. Często myślę, że jeśli mogłabym dokonać zabiegu aborcji w Irlandii, gdy czułam się bardzo słaba, łatwo podjęła bym decyzję, której bym potem żałowała.“ Emma i Rossa, Hrabstwo Kildare Wszyscy znamy kogoś, kto został ocalony dzięki ósmej poprawce. […]

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Day 22

Now THIS is exciting, Mammy – my heart has started beating! It’s been 21 days since I was conceived, and things are moving very fast. Four distinct chambers will soon begin forming. Most importantly though, my heart already beats with love for you.

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To those who question the value of people with Down Syndrome

Frank Stevens speech Down Syndrome

Frank Stevens is a man born with down syndrome; who, in 2016, was given the Quincy Jones Excellent Advocacy Award for speaking out in Congress about giving more money into Down Syndrome. Down Syndrome has been more widely addressed by abortion situations than it has by researching ways to better assist those already born with […]

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Ultrasound music

ultrasound music

When I experienced some pregnancy bleeding, we went for a private ultrasound to ensure our baby was okay. I couldn’t even look at the screen, I was so anxious, but my husband held my hand and watched the screen for both of us. Then the sonographer quickly informed us that she had located our child’s […]

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Let’s end the “mommy tax”

mommy tax

I’m not a mother myself; I can’t relate to being pregnant. However, I have done my research. After reading up on it, I think pregnant women and mothers are amazing for everything they do! I’ve been volunteering for the LoveBoth Project for a few weeks. Coming in, I didn’t know what to expect or what […]

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Dealing with a crisis pregnancy

crisis pregnancy Oireachtas Committee

I had graduated three months from my Masters degree when I discovered I was pregnant. I had always considered myself to be pro-life but now I was on this side of things it challenged me a lot and actually dealing with a crisis pregnancy was much harder than I’d ever expected. It was very difficult accepting […]

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Discrimination in sport against pregnant woman (news from Spain)

pregnant woman sport

Blanca Manchon: Woman. Spaniard. Windsurfer. Sportswoman. Athlete. Daughter. But also Mother. Most people would not see this last point as an obstacle in a career path. But then again, most people are not ruthless sponsors. After Blanca announced her pregnancy last year, her main sponsor dropped her. Others soon followed. Blanca was soon left without […]

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Love Both Blitz 30th September

                Do you have a couple of hours to spare to help win minds and hearts? To join us on the day and receive your free out-reach pack including t-shirt, please complete the following form and click the ‘Submit’ button: [ninja_forms id=4]

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“How my little boy made his mark on the world”

life-limiting conditions

My baby, John Paul, was diagnosed with anencephaly -one of those uncommon life-limiting conditions- in 2006. It was like the ground was pulled from under me in one awful moment. In the midst of the blow, one thing was clear to myself and my husband – we wanted to make the most of his short […]

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