I’m not a mother myself; I can’t relate to being pregnant. However, I have done my research. After reading up on it, I think pregnant women and mothers are amazing for everything they do! I’ve been volunteering for the LoveBoth Project for a few weeks. Coming in, I didn’t know what to expect or what I’d be doing. Now, after three weeks, and what feels like reading hundreds of articles, I tip my hat to mothers. Becoming a mother is one of the most joyful occasions in a woman’s life, but it is also difficult. Society is very demanding, and mums may feel like paying a “mommy tax”. It should be the contrary! Any woman who becomes pregnant deserves our respect. They are literally carrying the next generation!

We need to love mothers and their children. This could be in the form of maternity leave. Good maternity leave options for women for when they become pregnant and after the child is born are vital. In my naivety, I was surprised to read about the judgements of other staff on these women. In a recent study, it was shown that colleagues tend to make judgements about the women’s parenting methods and their decisions about maternity leave.

There are also very positive stories: “I had my own fears of having to pay the mommy tax, says Srinivasan. But my perception changed completely within a few days”. She was involved in a project that got her excited, reaffirmed that her work mattered, made her want to succeed at work…”. Her team was rooting for her success.

Becoming a mother is hard enough, without the judgements from people. Alternatively, let us help mothers – why not offer a helping hand, or praise for the fantastic job they’re doing? There are also judgements about body image during pregnancy and as a mother. As I said, pregnancy and being a mother is hard enough without all the extra judgements. It’s brilliant to see women blogging about fitness routines for example during or after pregnancy. Women’s bodies are tougher than you think! One last thing I’d like to say which caught my eye about new mothers is that becoming a parent changes your outlook on life. I have found an interview with a famous singer from a few years ago. She felt that she was more positive about life since having children. She said: it’s very healing. It’s a miracle”. Mothers are wonderful, and I think it’s high time we show them much they are appreciated.

Siobhan Wray.