This week in Dublin a number of posters were erected improperly displaying the LoveBoth campaign branding.  These posters displayed wording and slogans to the effect that ‘women can’t be trusted’.  They are not part of the LoveBoth campaign, nor was the use of the LoveBoth logo or name authorized by the LoveBoth campaign.

Reacting to this, LoveBoth posters were published on social media to avoid confusion, reaching more than 23,000 people.

LoveBoth spokesperson Eilís Mulroy said:

“This is clearly a form of vandalism and a pathetic attempt to smear those working to inform the public that this Government has planned to introduce extreme abortion on demand into Ireland if the Eighth Amendment is removed.”

“Placing fake posters to try and undermine the ‘no’ campaign is only the latest in a series of attacks on our posters that have occurred, particularly in Dublin. Our posters showing an ultrasound scan of a nine week old baby in the womb have been consistently and directly targeted; obviously those campaigning in favour of abortion on demand do not want the public to see the unborn child.”

She concluded:

“We deplore the fact that certain groups and individuals have decided to engage in dirty tactics and attack the legitimate democratic expression of those who wish to protect women and unborn children from abortion on demand. This desperate attempt to disrupt the debate will backfire, as everyday more and more Irish people are becoming aware that the only way to stop the Government’s plans for abortion on demand in Ireland is to Vote ‘No’ on the 25th of May.