The referendum on the Eighth Amendment was not about abortion in limited circumstances. Before the vote, the Government published its plan¹ for a new abortion law if the 8th Amendment was repealed and since that has now happened, we need to be fully aware of what they now want to enact.

The Government is planning:

  • Abortion without restriction up to 12 weeks, for any reason (See ‘Head 7’)
  • Abortion up to 6 months on the same grounds that has led to abortion on demand in Britain – unspecified mental health grounds (See ‘Head 4’ and definitions in ‘Head 1’)
  • Free abortions paid for with your taxes²
  • Abortions performed in your local GP surgeries and hospitals
  • Irish citizens would have no vote on future abortion laws
  • Foreign abortion clinics setting up in Ireland for profit

This plan is more extreme than the law in Britain which results in almost 200,000 abortions every year³. Despite the referendum result, there is no obligation on the Government to legislate for these grounds.  The LoveBoth project will be doing all we can to limit the damage that is done to Ireland’s pro-life culture.

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  3. Abortion Statistics, England & Wales, 2016