Here you have 12 reasons to celebrate expecting mums!

Pregnancy can mean a lot of inconveniences: discomfort, back pain, morning sickness, and not being able to tie your shoes in your last trimester. But whether a pregnancy is planned or unplanned, perfectly magical, or full of challenges and difficulties, here are some experiences that make having a baby an awesome time in life. Do you know any mum to be? Share with her these ideas. Support her! Let’s celebrate life!

  1. Realising the power of your body. Knowing you are a lifeline to another human makes it easier to accept any other imperfections. Your body is the perfect and most protected environment to nurture and provide for your baby, and the sheer strength and power required during pregnancy and labour prove that pregnant women really are #superwomen. This all can mean growing in confidence about yourself, as you can read in this testimony.
  2. Always having an excuse to pamper yourself. Need that new jacket? How about a nice massage? You’re pregnant so Treat Yo Self! Two people get to enjoy it!
  3. Seeing the baby on the scan and hearing the swish of their heart beat. You simply can’t prepare for the moment when you see your baby’s face for the first time. Tissues and extra prints for family members are essential!
  4. Feeling your baby move. Babies start kicking and hiccuping between 16 and 25 weeks and their little movements are your baby’s way of saying “Hi Mom!”
  5. Always having a dance partner. Want to dance shamelessly to the latest pop song? Your baby will not judge you…
  6. Learning to let go and simplify your life. Pregnancy “forces” you to slow down, quite literally with the whole waddling situation, but also mentally, as you make room in your life for your baby. This may mean not only letting go of that sweater you haven’t worn since high school, but also old fears, grudges, and insecurities.
  7. Always having someone to laugh at your jokes. Even when they’re the corniest, babies respond to their mother’s laughs.
  8. You are able to prioritise another’s happiness. Pregnancy is a sacrifice, and oftentimes a struggle, but the fact that you are often putting another’s happiness and comfort ahead of your own is one of the things that makes motherhood so beautiful!
  9. Knowing that the heartburn, backaches, and general discomfort will fade, and that it’ll all be worth it when your baby is born.
  10. Becoming an expert in things you never knew you could be an expert in. Be it the best car seats, strollers, or those confusing baby sizes. Getting to skip to the front of the queue in public rest rooms.
  11. Never being alone. Not only do you always have your baby with you, you have a community of people behind you.
  12. Seeing the invisible. Every mum is gifted with the superpower of perceiving and valuing what other people can’t see.

If you know any mum, support her! If you are pregnant and in need of support, you can contact Anew or Gianna Care. We are behind you, both of you! #lovebothproject