The Pro Life Campaign has said that there is always merit in challenging referendum decisions that threaten the lives of the most vulnerable.

The Campaign was commenting following reports that Joanna Jordan’s court challenge to the result of the recent abortion referendum was dismissed by the Court of Appeal.

Spokesperson for the PLC Cora Sherlock said:

“It is important that referendum decisions that may lead to the introduction of laws that would end the lives of the most vulnerable among us are scrutinised. This is particularly true in the present case.  The Minister for Health has already indicated his intention to introduce abortion legislation as soon as the referendum result has been confirmed. This would mean the introduction of a law to allow for the ending of the lives of unborn babies.   For this reason it is important that there is no doubt about the result.

She continued:

“While the challenge has not been successful so far, it has nonetheless provided a welcome opportunity to highlight issues which should be of concern to everyone, regardless of their position on abortion, for example, the need for the register of voters to be fully checked and updated in advance of any future vote.  It is unfortunate, to say the least, that the Government did not see fit to carry out this work before the referendum took place.

“Of greater importance however, is the time that this application has given to the country to pause and reflect on the vote itself.  Quite apart from the fact that the loss of the Eighth Amendment means that unborn babies will lose their lives for no reason – an extreme departure for a country which has always valued and protected every human life – there are other serious matters that must now be addressed.  Chief among these is the issue of genuine conscientious objection for doctors and healthcare workers, something which must be copperfastened into any future legislation if we are to remain a country that respects freedom of conscience.”