22.07.18: TDs’ intervention in Northern Ireland abortion  debate “wholly inappropriate”, says PLC

  The Pro Life Campaign has described as “wholly inappropriate” a letter signed by parliamentarians from the Republic of Ireland calling on British Prime Minister Theresa May and Taoiseach Leo Varadkar to use meetings of the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference (BIIGC) to discuss Northern Ireland’s abortion laws. The next meeting of the intergovernmental body is this Wednesday […]

29.05.2018 A message from Caroline Simons to pro-life supporters

8th Amendment

Dear Friend, Over the last few days, many of us will have felt a profound sense of sadness and distress that our fellow citizens have ignored the evidence from other countries and voted to open the door to abortion on demand in Ireland. Many people, even some of those who voted “yes”, will have been […]

26.05.2018 Exit polls “paint a bleak picture for retention of Eighth”

“We will hold the Taoiseach to his promise of limited abortion” – Dr Cullen The LoveBoth campaign has said exit polls on the outcome of yesterday’s referendum “paint a bleak picture for retention of the Eighth Amendment.”  Commenting on the exit polls from RTÉ and The Irish Times, Dr Ruth Cullen of LoveBoth said: “If […]

23.05.18: “When you vote on Friday, think of me.”

Today, individuals and families gathered together in Dublin to give this message to the Irish people as they go to the polls on Friday: “When you vote, think of us, the lives saved by the Eighth Amendment. Commenting on the press event, Clare McCarthy of LoveBoth said: “Today we have Mary Kenny, whose baby Hollie is alive […]

22.05.18: Michael McGrath TD lends support to Carrigaline canvass

Ahead of a canvass in Carrigaline, Co. Cork, on Friday 18th May, the team of volunteers canvassing for a ‘No’ vote with the LoveBoth campaign was joined by Michael McGrath TD, Fianna Fáil spokesman on Finance. Participating in the canvass LoveBoth spokesperson Maeve O’Hanlon said: “As we enter the final week of the referendum campaign […]

22.05.18: It’s too extreme – Vote NO

Today on Kildare Street opposite Leinster House, Dr. Andrew O’Regan GP, Geraldine Martin and Clare McCarthy of LoveBoth, unveiled a three-story building wrap with the slogan “It’s too extreme – Vote NO”. Speaking at the event Dr. O’Regan said: “Today we have unveiled a clear message about the Government’s abortion proposal in a place where […]