Hidden Baby – Follow Along as I Grow!

Day 53

Whoa, I’ve never felt that before – today I got my first hiccups! You can’t feel them now, but you’ll be able to soon.

Day 50

Guess what else is happening this week, Mammy? I’m growing fingernails, taste buds on my tongue, and tiny tooth buds under my gums! You’d better let the tooth fairy know!

Day 48

I’ve also doubled again in size this week. I’m now the size of a prune, and I weigh 4 grammes!

Day 46

You can’t feel it yet, Mammy… but this week I really started moving around! I’ve been waving my arms, kicking my feet, and even rolling over. I wish I could get your attention!

Day 43

It’s far too soon for you to see if I’m a boy or a girl… but the answer is already beginning to take shape. Our hormone production is ramping up, you’re probably feeling it too! And just wait until my teenage years.

Day 41

This is exciting – my fingers and toes are really taking shape! You’re going to think they’re so cute when I meet you, Mammy. I also have fully formed eyes, but I’m not able to open them yet.

Day 40

All that eating is helping me grow fast, Mammy. I’ve doubled in size again since just last week! I’m now the size of an olive, and every part of my body is developing.

Day 36

My heart now has four chambers – and it beats as fast as 175 times per minute! I also have fully formed fingers… and my brain is highly developed, accounting for more than 40 percent of my total weight. I’m going to be as smart as you and Dad someday!

Day 34

Wow, I’m really getting big now – the size of a bean! If you could see me right now, Mammy, you’d see the beginnings of my face, including eyes, nose, ears, and my upper lip. I hope I get your beautiful eyes!

Day 33

This is a VERY exciting week. If you go to the doctor, you may be able to see or hear my heartbeat with an ultrasound! She may also give you a due date. Mark the calendar – I can’t wait to see you, Mammy!

* Pregnancy facts gathered from:
For more information on milestones see ‘Watch Me Grow!’, A Unique 3-Dimensional week-by-week look at baby’s behaviour and development inside the womb’, Professor Stuart Campbell, Carroll and Brown Publishers, (2004)