Day 76

You know that face that Grandma makes when she’s surprised? I can do that now, too! In fact, I’ve been practicing how to squint, frown, smile, and make many other facial expressions. I’m getting ready for those first photos!

Day 74

I’m sure you’re happy this week, Mammy. The first trimester is officially over! You should be feeling a lot better than you did during much of the last few months.

Day 71

We need to stay healthy, so I can continue to grow big and strong! Mammy, I’m sure you’re getting a lot of advice. Please look after yourself and eat healthily for both of us.

Day 69

This week there are many changes going on inside of me. My bones are becoming much more solid, my ribs are beginning to appear, and my teeth buds are all in place. Just wait until I’m six or seven months old and they start growing in!

Day 67

There are a lot of things that make me special… and now I have my very own set of fingerprints! Nobody else in the world has the same fingerprints as me. Just like every snowflake, I’m 100% unique!

Day 64

This week is considered a big turning point, Mammy. The greatest risk of something going wrong in here has now passed. It’s time to tell Granddad and Grandma about me, and I know they’ll be so excited to hear that I’m joining the family!

Day 62

I wish you could see me now. My face is fully-formed and looks perfect, with all my features in just the right places! Even my eyebrows are starting to grow in. Just wait until the whole family sees me for the first time!

Day 60

I’m getting bigger every day, Mammy. I’ve doubled again in size over the last week – I’m now the size of a plum, and I’m even able to suck my thumb and scratch my nose. I’m finally able to get that itch!

Day 57

Want to make sure things go smoothly when I’m ready to enter the world, Mammy? The doctor will tell you that now is a great time to start looking for a pre-natal class to attend.

Day 55

Have people been asking about me, Mammy? Your “baby bump” is starting to form! Also, if you’ve been sick in the morning, you should start to feel better very soon.