Day 29

Where are we going for lunch, Mammy? You and I are now connected by an umbilical cord. What you eat, I eat too… is it too soon for some ice cream?

Day 27

I wish you could see me now. My growing arms look like little paddles, and I’ve started moving around! I can’t wait until everyone sees how cute I am when I’m born.

Day 25

Have you been sick in the morning lately? Or maybe very hungry, day and night? That’s normal. After all, there’s a lot going on in here, Mammy! I’ve doubled in size this week, and I’m forming every organ I’ll ever need. Thank you for eating for me!

Day 22

I’m not only developing on the outside, including fingers and toes, I’m developing on the inside as well. My lungs, digestive system, and circulation system are now forming – I’ll be able to breathe and eat just a few months from now!

Day 20

I’m still getting bigger. I’m now almost 13 millimeters long, from the top of my head to my rump – and about as wide as a pencil eraser. My features are even starting to emerge, including eyes and eyelids!

Day 18

Mammy, don’t forget to make an appointment with the doctor. They’re going to want to see you as soon as next week!

Day 15

I’m going to look much different when I’m born, Mammy. Right now, I look like a tiny collection of tubes… but those tubes have VERY important purposes! One is developing my brain and spinal cord, while another develops my heart. I even have tiny buds on the sides of my body that will grow into […]

Day 12

Once I’m born and begin growing up – I’ll be getting a lot of your attention – so I might as well start now! Be careful around chemicals and secondhand smoke… they can be harmful to us both.

Day 10

This week you took the pregnancy test, and it was positive. Surprise! I’m on my way! You may be starting to feel tired and bloated. I promise it will all be worth it – I can’t wait for you to hold me in your arms!

Day 8

I’m getting bigger, Mammy – you may even be able to see me now on an ultrasound! A fluid-filled cushion called the amniotic sac is forming to protect me while I grow, and an attached yolk sac will feed me during these early weeks.