Women’s health – the truth

We have just come out of a referendum campaign where the facts were ignored in order to push through a vote for repeal and introduce abortion in Ireland. There is no other way of saying it.  Many people voted Yes on the strength of misinformation and fear about the supposed risks to women from the […]

What can be done for families of babies with Fatal Fetal Abnormalities?

The term “fatal fetal abnormality” is grossly misleading. The HSE Bereavement Guidelines have opted for a more appropriate term – life limiting condition – to describe terminal illness or serious disability in a baby. Doctors have no way of knowing how long a baby diagnosed with a life limiting condition will live. They can live […]

Should abortion be decriminalised?

In Ireland, no woman has ever been prosecuted for procuring an illegal abortion. Pro-choice campaigners in this country created the false impression that Ireland is somehow unique in having criminal sanctions for illegal abortion. The truth is that most countries, even ones with very permissive abortion laws, have sanctions against illegal abortions. In Britain, illegal […]

What happens to the baby after abortion?

  In the vast majority of cases, he or she is disposed of by the hospital as clinical waste. Sometimes babies can survive the abortion procedure. Official Canadian figures show that over a ten year period starting in 2000, 491 babies who survived botched abortions were abandoned by medical staff and left to die alone.¹ […]

Is abortion needed in Ireland to keep women safe?

No, in fact Ireland is one of the safest countries in the world for pregnant women. The Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists welcomed the latest figures from the Maternal Death Enquiry (MDE)¹ which shows that Ireland has an exceptionally low rate of maternal mortality – lower than both Britain and USA which both have abortion […]

How do pro-life laws save lives?

Laws that recognise the humanity of the unborn help to save lives in at least two very obvious ways. Firstly, they act as a reminder that we are actually dealing with a hidden human being every time a pregnant woman is being spoken about.  So doctors treating pregnant women are looking after two patients and […]

1 in 5 babies are aborted in England and Wales every year

It might be hard to believe. But it’s true. 1 in 5 babies are aborted in England and Wales every year. Abortion campaigners try to dismiss these figures, downplaying the reality of abortion. But they’re not our figures – they come directly from the Office for National Statistics of England & Wales [1]. Abortion was legalised […]

The facts about illegal abortion pills

Many abortion campaigners have insisted that pro-life laws are pointless because some women order abortion pills online.  This is a red herring. The truth is, the online purchase of illegal abortion pills are a worldwide problem, even in jurisdictions where abortion is free and readily available. Their use in Ireland is an issue for the […]

What about abortion following rape?

Rape is a tragedy. But abortion is not the automatic response to pregnancy from rape. In Ireland, 76% of those who become pregnant following rape opt not to have an abortion[1]. In the United States, where abortion is widely available, it is estimated that about 50% opt against abortion[2]. One of those women is Shauna […]