• In the vast majority of cases, he or she is disposed of by the hospital as clinical waste.
  • Sometimes babies can survive the abortion procedure. Official Canadian figures show that over a ten year period starting in 2000, 491 babies who survived botched abortions were abandoned by medical staff and left to die alone.¹
  • In the UK, the Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health revealed that, in one year, 66 babies in England and Wales were born alive and left unaided to die after failed abortions.²
  • These figures shed light on the grotesque and chilling reality of legalised abortion. The fact that these practices are rarely talked about in public doesn’t diminish the barbarity of what is taking place.

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1. Statistics Canada. Table 102-0536 – Deaths, by cause, Chapter XVI: Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period, (2012)

2. Confidential Enquiry into Maternal and Child Health, Perinatal Mortality 2005 England, Wales and Northern Ireland, April 2007: On page 28 of the report, it details that 66 babies were born alive after failed abortion in one year alone. The babies were left to die alone in hospitals corners without receiving any medical attention simply because they were unwanted: Sixty-six of the 2235 neonatal deaths notified in England and Wales followed legal termination (predominantly on account of congenital anomalies) of the pregnancy i.e. born showing signs of life and dying during the neonatal period. Sixteen were born at 22 weeks’ gestation or later and death occurred between 1 and 270 minutes after birth (median: 66 minutes). The remaining 50 foetuses were born before 22 weeks’ gestation and death occurred between 0 and 615 minutes after birth (median: 55 minutes).