Your story matters, and can make a big impact in the campaign to save the 8th Amendment!

If you or someone you know has been saved thanks to the 8th Amendment, please let us know. All you need to do is write to us, like Jessica and Emma:

“I found out I was pregnant at the age of 18, I had just been accepted to College. It was terrifying, really scary. I now know what its like to go through a crisis pregnancy. Thankfully the 8th Amendment is there to protect babies like my little Adam. I came here today to highlight just how many lives are saved by the 8th amendment every year. There are real faces and real people behind these figures!” Jessica, Co. Galway.

“Sometimes now I think about those many, many moments when I was emotional and vulnerable. I’m so thankful that the 8th Amendment was there to stop me making a quick and wrong decision when I was feeling my worst. I often think if I had local access to an abortion when I was feeling so down I could easily have made a decision that I would have regretted later.” Emma, Co. Kildare.

Your story matters!

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