Q: If the 8th amendment is not repealed are you happy with the status quo? What are you going to do for the over 3,000 women with crisis pregnancies who travel abroad each year for an abortion? Are you happy for that situation to remain?

A: Of course we’re not happy with any situation where a mum feels she has no option but to end the life of her child. The answer, however, is not legalised abortion but better supports for expectant mums and their unborn babies.

So many of the stories we encounter are from women who say that all it would have taken was one person to say they’d be there for them to tip the balance in favour of continuing with the pregnancy.

The approach of those pushing for abortion doesn’t encourage the kind of atmosphere or culture where a genuine space is kept open that respects both mother and baby. Instead of pitting mothers against their children, we should be working together to build a society that welcomes everyone in life and protects everyone in law.