“I am passionately pro life because of both my sons Matthew and Noah. I gave birth to Matthew while completing my MA in NUIG. I got my results the morning of his birth, a high 2.1 degree. I then completed my H. Dip in education and I am now a permanent teacher and homeowner.

All the while, my little boy spurred me on to try harder, work faster and succeed. I received plenty of “smart” comments regarding abortion and being too young and ruining my life.

My second son Noah was a surprise to both me and his dad but he is so loved and cherished. We saw him fully formed and active in the womb at 12 weeks and fell in love. Again I got plenty of comments from others about abortion.

I was hospitalised at 29 weeks with life threatening HELLP and preeclampsia. Under the 8th amendment my baby and I received excellent care when he was delivered as an emergency at 30 weeks. We came home healthy and happy from hospital.
My boys are the light of my life and I say to any woman in my position no matter how scared or panicked you are, that baby will be so worth it.”