In January I spotted on Facebook that the LoveBoth Project were appealing for people to take part in the VHI Women’s mini-marathon this year.

Back then I can honestly say it seemed unimaginable that I would ever be able to run 10K when I couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes at a time without having to stop. But I put my mind to it and trained hard, finishing in 56.46.  What a feeling!

My mini-marathon needed a purpose

I decided to challenge myself because I wanted to raise awareness of the work the LoveBoth Project does.  It promotes protection of mother and baby in pregnancy and highlights the thousands of Irish people who are alive today because of Ireland’s 8th Amendment.

This all starts with accepting that each human being, regardless of age, dependency, gender, disability or circumstance, possesses a profound, inherent, equal and irreplaceable value and dignity.

It’s why I think the 8th Amendment is worth keeping.

Proud of our country

I am glad I live in a country that can protect human life in its most vulnerable stage and at the same time remain a world leader in safety for pregnant women. Ireland without abortion is a safer place for pregnant women than countries like the US where abortion is legal in wide-ranging circumstances. It is never best medical practice to end the life of an innocent, unborn human being. Best medical practice is always to save lives, not end them. The 8th Amendment is in place to do just this.

I am proud of our country’s pro-life constitution and I don’t want to see the 8th Amendment repealed. I don’t want any changes made to it either. There is no need. Ireland is not behind the times. Our laws, as they currently stand, are up-to-date with science and advances in modern technology. We can no longer deny the unborn child in the womb is a human being just like us.

Offer options and supports

In fact instead of repealing the 8th Amendment it is something we should be celebrating. Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta said any country that accepts abortion is the poorest of the poor. She said: “The greatest destroyer of love and peace is abortion”. Our pro-life laws are not something we should be ashamed of. We have every reason to be immensely proud that we, as a country, offer women better options and supports when they are facing a crossroads in pregnancy which the 8th Amendment helps to achieve.

I am so glad I took part in the mini-marathon. The LoveBoth project was represented by over 35 women in last Monday’s VHI Mini Marathon in Dublin. Proceeds of any monies raised will go to projects that assist families of babies diagnosed with a life-limiting condition.

As simple as wearing a t-shirt

For the mini-marathon, we wore bright pink t-shirts with the message ‘Pro-Woman, Pro-Baby, Pro-Life’ emblazoned on the back. It was a strong, powerful and very clear message. We received lots of thumbs up, pats on the back and supportive words from fellow runners on the day. All in all, it was a big success.

We have reached the time in Ireland when we have to actively defend human life in the womb. We can no longer afford to stay silent. Repeal campaigners are certainly not keeping quiet. We must use our voices and our actions to speak for those who are unable to speak for themselves and to defend the 8th Amendment. It can be as simple as wearing a t-shirt.


By Emma Sisk.