The LoveBoth Project has expressed sadness at the lack of compassion shown for the rights of unborn babies at the “Together for Yes” launch which took place earlier today at the Pillar Room of the Rotunda Hospital.

Commenting on the launch, LoveBoth spokesperson Maeve O’Hanlon said:

“It is deeply sad that we are at this stage in Irish history, where a campaign to remove all meaningful protections from unborn babies could be launched in the grounds of a thriving maternity hospital.  Under the Eighth Amendment, mothers and their babies receive equal protection and care that is world-class. All of that would change if the repeal side were successful.

“Repealing the Eighth Amendment means leaving Ireland open to whatever wide-ranging abortion laws politicians decide to introduce. In practice, this would lead to discrimination against babies in their mother’s womb.  They would be deprived of legal protection right up to birth and would effectively become second class citizens under our laws.  This is the very epitome of discrimination and it lies at the heart of this morning’s launch.”

She concluded:

“There is no getting away from the fact that abortion involves the ending of a baby’s life.  There was no mention at the launch this morning of the incredible development of the baby in the womb – a baby whose heart starts beating at just 3 weeks and who is sucking his or her thumb at 12 weeks.  Ensuring that these babies and their mothers continue to have equal protection and excellent care is genuine compassion.  Anything else is just a political slogan.”