Reacting to the dramatic fall in the poll ratings for the pro-repeal campaign, LoveBoth spokesperson Áine Kierans said: “Today’s poll is very clear about one thing: the public are starting to see the government’s proposal for what it is – one of the most extreme abortion proposals anywhere in the world. It’s more extreme even than the law in Britain, where 1 in 5 pregnancies ends in abortion.

“As we have been canvassing all over the country, we have been hearing from people who are really shocked at the suggestion that under the government’s proposal, a baby at 3 months would have her life ended for any reason whatsoever.  One of our posters, which shows an ultrasound scan of my 9-week-old baby, has really struck a chord and has opened people’s eyes to the amazing development of the baby at this stage.   The government cannot hide the reality that abortion stops a beating heart and takes life away from a small child.”

She concluded: “Irish people do not want this for their country; they do not want Minister Simon Harris to repeat the mistakes of neighbouring countries. This is why we will see a ‘No’ vote on May 25th


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