“As a mom of a baby who was a result of being raped by my a lot older boyfriend at the time, I want to say thank you, thank you for the pro-life campaigners to help protect my son, my son who is a human being not a result of rape. Justice was never served to my rapist as there was not enough evidence, and we were in a relationship. But when I look at pictures of my boy (he was still born) I think to myself: how could someone just think “ah, I’ll get rid of my baby”. 14 years is not enough. Not enough for getting rid of a life.

Each and every woman is important for the future of our country, yet they are willing to end lives of future women… When I got pregnant at 21 with my oldest daughter, I was told by my parents to abort her. It makes me physically sick. How can my own family have been so evil! Now more than ever we need to think of the future and these beautiful little babies that someone is looking forward to adopt and love unconditionally”.