4th April 2018

The LoveBoth Project has said repeal campaigners want to talk about everything except the reality of what repeal would look like in practice.

The group was referring to Health Minister Simon Harris in particular who took issue in recent days with pro-life speakers for simply setting out clearly what repeal of the Eighth Amendment would mean.

Commenting earlier today, LoveBoth spokesperson Dr Ruth Cullen said:

“Campaigners for repeal come from various political backgrounds and none but they share one thing in common – a reluctance to discuss the fact that a vote for repeal is a vote for abortion on demand. This determination to avoid addressing the reality of repeal denies the public the opportunity to make an informed decision.

“Minister Harris is adept at trying to shift the focus away from what the public are actually voting on and is taking refuge in accusing pro-life people of misleading the public when they’re simply pointing out the truth about how extreme his proposals are.

“The public are entitled to know that if they vote for repeal, they would be voting away all meaningful protections for unborn babies and opening the door to wide-ranging abortion. To try and suggest otherwise is to deprive voters of the facts and represents a massive disservice to expectant mums and their unborn babies.

“If the public vote for repeal, the Government is committed to introducing one of the most extreme abortion laws anywhere in the world. Minister Harris should do the decent thing and admit this undeniable fact.”