“I have seen a few posts bating men for voting “No”. That we don’t have a clue. I’m voting “No” for personal reasons and I have seen the impact of abortion.

I voted Yes for gay marriage and I believe women should have equal rights. Our Government has let the woman down. They have convinced half the population that abortion is to empower woman. “My Body My Decision” is the worst argument for abortion. At 12 weeks, my partner and I have seen our baby’s heartbeat and the baby’s features on an ultrasound. We were told everything was normal. We told everyone as the traditional 3 months were over. Two days later the baby was lost. We mourned that baby. We still do!

Nobody can tell me it was just a cluster of cells. My heart breaks at the thought of abortion and how cruel the process is to end the life of a baby. When we lost that child we didn’t tell people we lost a cluster of cells. We lost a baby. I believe that the 8th can be amended. It’s called an Amendment for a reason. Times change and so does the world. And amendments can be changed to suit the changes. But always, always remember the safest place a baby should be is in the mothers’ womb. Abortion on demand is wrong. Our system and our government are wrong. Fix the system. Stop letting them divide us. That is what they want. Please don’t jump on the bandwagon and think about it. Peace out. Thanks for reading. Love on both sides.”

David Seagrave.