Today on Kildare Street opposite Leinster House, Dr. Andrew O’Regan GP, Geraldine Martin and Clare McCarthy of LoveBoth, unveiled a three-story building wrap with the slogan “It’s too extreme – Vote NO”.

Speaking at the event Dr. O’Regan said:

“Today we have unveiled a clear message about the Government’s abortion proposal in a place where our politicians will clearly see it. In my practice nearly every day I treat women who are pregnant. I’m proud as a GP of the care we give to women in our community. The care we give saves lives, it does not involve deliberately ending the life of an unborn child. What this Government is proposing is to allow abortion for any reason whatsoever up to 12 weeks. It is the most extreme abortion provision that any Irish government has ever proposed and it goes way beyond the law even in Britain where they have wide-ranging abortion.”

He continued:

“From speaking to people who are undecided, I know many people who have changed over to ‘NO’ because the Government’s abortion proposal is just too extreme. You cannot trust politicians to deal with only limited cases when they want to introduce abortion on demand in every GP clinic in every county in this country.”

Clare McCarthy of LoveBoth concluded by saying:

“The message we are getting out today with this three-story building wrap is that the Government has used difficult, tragic cases to push through extreme abortion on demand. This is why people are increasingly voting “NO” to abortion this Friday.”