As I fought back the tears as the results of the referendum were announced I knew in my heart that this defeat wouldn’t stop me from continuing to speak out against abortion. My message before, during and after the referendum is still the same – Women deserve better than abortion. Having gone through a crisis pregnancy myself I know how difficult it is but it does get better. You don’t need to end the life of your unborn baby in order to feel happy again.

In 2015 I faced a crisis pregnancy, the 8th Amendment was there to protect my unborn son and protect me from making a decision I could have easily regretted later. Thankfully I gave birth to my beautiful son Rossa and my life transformed for the better, I can honestly say I am a happier person now than I was before my pregnancy.

Women and babies will no longer have the protection of the 8th so we must work even harder in the future to ensure women in unplanned and difficult pregnancies are given compassion, care and encouragement that they can have their babies and continue their education/ travels/ dreams. Having a child should never be seen as a negative thing but something that brings joy into the world.  To quote Mother Teresa, “How can you say there are too many children? That`s like saying there are too many flowers”.

I`m so thankful for all the friendships I`ve made over the past few months and I am so reassured by the fact that the pro-life community in Ireland is continuing to grow and fight for the rights of the unborn and better support systems for women facing unplanned pregnancies. It’s so important that we don’t become disheartened by this loss but come back, more determined than ever to fight against abortion. Everyone can do something to help and I urge you not to delay – contact the Pro Life Campaign today on to see what you can do to help restore legal protection for unborn babies.