Why adoption is still not a common option?

Adoption alternative abortion Ireland

For women and babies involved in a crisis pregnancy, adoption can be a very positive alternative. Why are women being told about abortion as the only solution for an undesired pregnancy? Kiernan Gildea, from AAI (Adoption Authority of Ireland), stated recently that in Ireland there are at least 14 times as many couples wanting to […]

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#LivesSaved Tour celebrates choices we can all live with

choice 8th Amendment

What is the #LivesSaved tour all about? The answer is simple. Laws save lives. The 8th Amendment has saved 100,000 lives over the past two decades. Thanks to the success of the LoveBoth #LivesSaved Tour, Irish people are finally hearing the moving, personal stories of women who faced a crisis pregnancy and whose babies owe their […]

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#LivesSaved Tour in Carrick-on-Shannon, Co. Leitrim

8th Amendment Ireland Co. Leitrim

With just a few short months until the referendum we’re leaving no stone unturned. Our group of volunteers is growing, and we’ve launched a #LivesSaved Tour across Ireland to highlight the 100,000 lives saved by the 8th Amendment since 1994! These chains were constructed by volunteers across Ireland, with each one coloured in by hand. […]

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The #LivesSaved tour in Galway

Lives Saved 8th Amendment

“I found out I was pregnant at the age of 18, I had just been accepted to College. It was terrifying, really scary. I now know what its like to go through a crisis pregnancy. Thankfully the 8th Amendment is there to protect babies like my little Adam. I came here today to highlight just […]

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The #LivesSaved Tour in Drogheda

The #LivesSaved Tour was in Drogheda, to share the message that over 2,900 people are alive today in Co Louth, thanks to the life-saving 8th Amendment. “I love my life”, says Conor, who has Down Syndrome. “He says that all the time”, says mum Audrey. “We never asked him to speak out, he wanted to. He […]

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Article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution. Riddle me this!

Article 40.3.3

There are so many contradictions in the debate around the article 40.3.3 of the Irish Constitution, better known as the. Here are a few I have been studying… 1. We are told: ‘It’s not a baby, it’s just a clump of cells’ yet we are also told ‘abortion is a traumatic experience for a woman […]

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From “the most extreme circumstances” to 600 every day

“There are 8,894,355 reasons why Ireland should reject the imposition of British-style abortion laws in Ireland.  That is the number of British lives lost since abortion law was enacted; a law that was supposed to be used only in the most extreme circumstances; a law which has led to 600 lives being lost every day […]

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A baby’s development is most rapid in the first few weeks of life

Babies at 7 weeks Abortion Love Both

A baby’s development is most rapid in the first few weeks of life – at seven weeks her fingers and toes are almost complete and she’s moving. Source: Professor Stuart Campbell ‘Watch me grow!’ London: Carroll & Brown, 2004. the reference states fetal age (not pregnancy weeks).

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I had an abortion at ten weeks.

Abortion 10 weeks

There are lots of areas that the Oireachtas committee never bothered to examine. Among them, women who have been hurt by abortion, Like Bernadette. “I became pregnant in my late teens, and 10 weeks into the pregnancy I had an abortion. A trusted doctor assured me that the procedure would be simple, effective, with no after effects. I was never […]

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Victoria is lucky that she was not 1/5

Repeal = more abortion

“I was almost aborted after my mother came under tremendous pressure to end my life. But she stayed strong and gave me the precious gift of life. I am so thankful to her for giving me the dignity everyone should have. I feel grateful to live in Ireland where the right to life of unborn […]

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