Reacting to remarks made by Minister Simon Harris, made earlier today at a repeal event, Cora Sherlock of the LoveBoth campaign stated:

“Simon Harris has launched another baseless attack on our campaign by claiming that it is “disgusting” to defend the Eighth Amendment’s lifesaving protection for children with disabilities. Voters should be in no doubt that children with Down Syndrome will be the victims of Simon Harris’s abortion on demand legislation. To be clear, Simon Harris has placed no protection for children with Down syndrome in his legislation. He is allowing abortion without restrictions up to 12 weeks. During the week three obstetricians confirmed on national radio that Down syndrome can be detected in pregnancy with 99% accuracy at 10 weeks and that terminations for this reason do take place in England by Irish women.”

She continued:

“Simon Harris has still failed to honour his commitment to debate this issue. His cowardly approach is to attack the no side when he is safely surrounded by yes campaigners and then to disappear behind his officials. Despite repeated invitations he will still not confirm when and where he will enter a public debate. His campaign of deception regarding Down syndrome abortion rates has to stop. Doctors have made it clear that abortions happen when Down syndrome is detected and he has failed to place any protections for those children in his law. So far Simon Harris’ ridiculous tactic is to appear, misrepresent the facts, and then dodge any opportunity for questions on the issue. This has to stop because the voters deserve better.”