“My own story is not unusual – not in Ireland. I was adopted. My birth mother loved me but could not raise me. She may not have planned or sought to become pregnant but she did choose life and for me to be born. However, others may not have been so fortunate. There are so many people alive today thanks to Ireland’s 8th Amendment.” Síle, Sligo

Some politicians have spent years trying to introduce abortion. But they have done little to work for positive alternatives to abortion. The State should work towards:

  • Better funding for pregnancy counselling services throughout Ireland
  • Rapid prioritising of housing and medical care for homeless pregnant women
  • Better services for families of disabled children
  • Immediate counselling and hospice support for parents whose children have life-limiting conditions
  • Improved maternity and paternity benefit in line with international best practice

The campaign to repeal the 8th Amendment was divisive, and legalising abortion as the solution to unplanned pregnancy removes the incentive for positive change. A truly compassionate society welcomes both mother and baby.

Adoption gives hope

New approaches to adoption present a real alternative to abortion. Sadly, very few Irish infants are offered for adoption each year. Much can be done to promote this hugely positive alternative further. The process of adoption needs to be streamlined and costs need to be reduced. Thousands of Irish couples have been declared suitable to adopt and  wait for a chance to start a family. Truly, every child is a wanted child.