#Lives Saved tour hit #Louth this week. The 8th has saved 2,900 lives in this County. 

This paper chain represents the 5,000+ children born each year, thanks to the Eighth Amendment. 5000+ is a very conservative estimate, based on an analysis of comparative abortion rates in other European countries. There are lots of areas that the Oireachtas committee on the 8th Amendment never examined. Ignoring the evidence of lives saved by the 8th is one of them.

How does the 8th saves lives? “I think about those many, many moments when I was emotional and vulnerable”, says Emma. “I’m so thankful that the 8th Amendment was there to stop me making a quick and wrong decision when I was feeling my worst. I often think if I had local access to an abortion when I was feeling so down I could easily have made a decision that I would have regretted later”.

We know that many people have been saved by the Eighth. There are thousands of families like this throughout Ireland. The Lives Saved Tour is traveling around the country, spreading the visa message that the 8th Amendment saves lives!