“We will hold the Taoiseach to his promise of limited abortion” – Dr Cullen

The LoveBoth campaign has said exit polls on the outcome of yesterday’s referendum “paint a bleak picture for retention of the Eighth Amendment.” 

Commenting on the exit polls from RTÉ and The Irish Times, Dr Ruth Cullen of LoveBoth said: “If the exit polls are borne out today, it will represent a sea-change on abortion in Ireland and sadly pave the way for an abortion regime that has nothing to do with healthcare and everything to do with abortion on demand.

She continued: “As a group, we stand over all the claims we made during the campaign about what repeal would mean. It’s most regrettable the Taoiseach, Minister for Health and some leading medics received a free pass from scrutiny in pushing for abortion, thereby depriving the public the opportunity to hear them defend their pro-abortion positions. 

“We will hold the Taoiseach to his promise that repeal would only lead to abortion in very restrictive circumstances. He gave his word on this, now he must deliver on it. No doubt many people voted for repeal based on the Taoiseach’s promises in this regard.” 

Commenting on the referendum campaign, Dr Cullen said: “We are immensely proud and grateful to all our volunteers throughout the country who worked tirelessly over recent months to ensure unborn babies would not be deprived of legal protections. Regardless of what happens today the campaign to protect unborn babies will endure.”

LoveBoth will issue a more comprehensive press statement later today.