Emma’s Story

We all know someone protected by the 8th Amendment. There are so many stories of mothers and parents who contemplated abortion, but the unavailability of abortion in Ireland enabled them to change their minds.  The 8th created a climate whereby unborn babies were valued, where pregnancy was seen very positively, and where medical practitioners did their best for pregnant mothers and their babies.

We are rightly disappointed at the loss of such an amazing life-saving law, but the result of the referendum cannot take away from the fact that there are tens of thousands of people alive in Ireland today because of the hard work done in the past.  An independently produced actuarial report compared the number of Irish women who travel abroad to avail of abortion to the abortion rates of women in these other countries. The report conservatively estimated that at least 100,000 babies have been saved from abortion by the 8th Amendment in the last two decades. We should be immensely proud of the fantastic impact of the 8th Amendment while it was in the Constitution.  Our work now involves restoring the life-affirming culture that was at the heart of the Amendment.  See Report


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