14.05.18: ‘Fake outrage’ from Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and Lise Chambers at Down Syndrome poster

Reacting to tweets by Senator Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and Lisa Chambers TD criticising newly unveiled posters from the LoveBoth Campaign, Cora Sherlock stated:

“Over the last 24 hours our volunteers have put up new posters across Ireland showing parents with their children who have Down Syndrome together with certified statistics from the NHS in England that over 90% of unborn babies detected to have Down Syndrome are aborted. This fact seems to have upset politicians Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and Lisa Chambers, and so it should because abortion on demand has a horrendous impact on the Down Syndrome community. Pro-repeal campaigners do not want to address the fact that in countries that have allowed for abortion without restriction there has been massive levels of abortions of unborn babies with Down Syndrome. Simon Harris’s abortion plan for Ireland contains no restrictions preventing abortion for Down Syndrome.”

She continued: “We cannot deny the fact that in countries like Britain, once Down Syndrome is detected in the pregnancy the abortion rate is over 90%. Indeed, three obstetricians, Dr Peter Boylan, Dr Rhona Mahony and Dr Fergal Malone all confirmed on the radio last week that Down Syndrome can be detected as early as 10 weeks with 99% accuracy.”

Cora Sherlock concluded: “The fake outrage by Aodhán Ó Ríordáin and Lisa Chambers is another sign of the reluctance of those pushing for repeal to address this issue in any serious way. These politicians, and others like them, would be better off criticising the legislation proposed by this government which would allow abortion on demand up to 12 weeks and up to 24 weeks on vague mental health grounds. The only way to protect unborn babies with Down Syndrome is to vote no on the 25th of May.”

LoveBoth has been listening to parents of children with disabilities and to families with children who have Down Syndrome. This campaign is just supporting them and giving them a voice.


12.05.18: Dr Andrew O’Regan GP: “This debate is not about health care.”

Full speech of Dr Andrew O’Regan GP, at LoveBoth rally:

A chairde – ardaíonn sé mo chroí a bheith in aonacht libh inniú. What a privilege to be here with you.

I reluctantly joined in this referendum campaign. I was busy with my work and family and my wife, Siobhán, was expecting a baby. As the debate progressed it became clear that health care was becoming a central issue: a tiny number of heartbreaking cases were being misrepresented by people who should know better.

Ireland with the 8th amendment is among the safest countries in the world for a woman to be pregnant. Audits of death and sickness in pregnancy confirm this. The Irish Medical Council guidelines say that doctors must intervene to save a woman whose life is at risk – the risk does not have to be imminent. The purpose of these rare but necessary interventions is to save the life of the mother – not to target the life of the baby. Although sadly they may lead to the death of the baby – it is never the intention. Such life-saving interventions are worlds apart from what is being proposed in the referendum on 25th May – which is the direct and intentional targeting of the baby.

Yesterday, five of the country’s most imminent obstetricians and gynaecologists, all former Chairmen of the Institute of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists, issued a statement to the Irish people saying: “We are appalled by the comments of Dr Rhona O’Mahony and Dr Peter Boylan” – their comments are simply not true and are a serious misrepresentation of the Irish health system.

As a doctor I have heard a litany of falsehoods and exaggerations – designed to create a climate of panic – to distract from the reality of repeal – which is unrestricted abortion on demand. This debate is not about health care.

Simon Harris has published his outline for what would repeal the 8th Amendment: It defines termination of pregnancy as a medical procedure intended to end the life of the foetus. This is not health care. It goes against the most basic principles of medicine. To heal, to cure, to save life… never to harm and certainly never to intentionally end a life.

Head 7 of the plan says that termination of pregnancy be carried out for no specified reason up until 12 weeks. 50 years ago Britain introduced abortion for the most rare and difficult cases only – almost 9 million babies have been aborted since then. What Simon Harris is proposing is more extreme than this. It is clearly unrestricted abortion on demand.

Simon Harris has announced that he wants GPs to lead out and deliver his plans. With no consultation – no discussion. I heard about it on the news. GPs treat people for the course of their lifetimes. We manage mothers and their babies before and after pregnancy and it is a pleasure to do so.

Respect and compassion are the cornerstones of our medical practice. But if repeal happened, we would be forced to end the life of one of our patients. We have a crisis in recruiting GPs outside of the main cities. Simon Harris plans to impose abortion delivery on GP surgeries – how would this affect recruitment and retention of GPs?

Calling abortion health care and telling us that it must be regulated is conjecture. Nothing more. Despite repeated claims to the contrary it has become crystal clear that it is possible within 12 weeks of pregnancy for a mother to know with a high degree of certainty if the baby she is carrying has Down Syndrome. We have seen what happens to these babies in Britain and many other neighbouring countries. Repeal will mean abortion of Irish babies with Down Syndrome in Irish clinics and hospitals.

Science has progressed since the introduction of abortion in Britain and USA. The humanity of the baby can be clearly seen on ultrasound well before 12 weeks. What the repeal campaign call pregnancy tissue is a little human with organs facial features and moving limbs and is truly one of us.

Let’s show more compassion – let’s force the government to give these women and their babies the supports they deserve: access to counselling, proper housing for homeless pregnant women in this city, social services, financial support and all of this extending after the pregnancy for lone parents and mothers of children with disability…

To do this we must vote NO.

12.05.18: “NO” Vote is the only way to stop abortion on demand

Tens of thousands of people attended the final Love Both rally in Dublin this afternoon, the last of six regional rallies which took place around the country in recent weeks.

The focus of today’s event was the extreme nature of the Government’s abortion proposal and the fact that it would inevitably open the door to abortion on demand if the 8th Amendment is repealed.

Speaking to the crowd in Merrion Square, Caroline Simons, legal adviser to the Love Both campaign said:

“If the 8th Amendment is repealed, Ireland will go from being a country that protects unborn human life to one of the most extreme abortion regimes in the world. Let us be very clear, the Government’s proposal is not about abortion in ‘hard cases’, it is about introducing abortion on demand.

“That’s the stark, sad reality of the proposal brought forward by Health Minister Simon Harris. It is even more frightening than England’s abortion law, where 1 in every 5 babies loses his or her life to abortion.

“Simon Harris’s proposal defines abortion as a ‘procedure intended to end the life of the foetus.’ The intent couldn’t be clearer. There is no mention in the proposal of making every reasonable effort to save the life of the baby when carrying out the procedure. The goal is to end a life, not save one. It has nothing whatsoever to do with healthcare.


Addressing the crowd, Dr Andrew O Regan of the Medical Alliance for the 8th said:

“We have heard a litany of falsehoods and exaggerations – designed to create a climate of panic – to distract from the reality of repeal – which is unrestricted abortion on demand. The fact is Ireland with the 8th Amendment is among the safest countries in the world for a woman to be pregnant. Audits of death and sickness in pregnancy confirm this. What’s being proposed by the Government is not healthcare. The proposal goes against the most basic principles of medicine: to heal, to cure to save life… never to harm and certainly never to intentionally end a life.

A young Dublin student, Gavin Boyne who was almost aborted told the gathering: “I speak on behalf of all of those Irish men and women who are alive today because ofyour efforts – to make Ireland a better and more inclusive society where respect for one another starts in the womb.

“On the 6th of May, Dr Peter Boylan launched the Together for Yes national campaign – in Athlone. He described the 8th Amendment as a ‘failed experiment’, and in doing so, has personally attacked – every single person – who is alive today as a result of the 8th Amendment. I – am one of those people.

“I think people like Peter Boylan need to be very careful when they make comments like that and they need to realise the impact their words can have on people who are alive today because of the 8th amendment.

Bernadette Goulding of the group Women Hurt told attendees at the rally:

“My doctor in England said it’s a simple procedure, it’s just removing some cells, products of conception and you will be just fine afterwards. There was no mention of the risks to my mental or physical health. The word baby was not mentioned, and I didn’t allow myself to think baby. It has often been suggested to me that my guilt was because I was a Catholic.

“I have facilitated Rachel’s Vineyard retreats in many countries, Faroe Islands, Hungary, Korea, Slovenia, Croatia, South Africa; I have heard the stories of regret and loss from women from all those countries. The tears of the Catholic, the Protestant, the atheist are all the same. The same pain of loss and regret. It is a universal experience. Like today where hardly any journalists want to talk about what repeal would mean, they also want to deny the devastating effects of abortion for so many people.

Mary Kenny, a young mum from Limerick told the crowd about her unexpected pregnancy and how her daughter Hollie is lucky to be alive thanked to the 8th Amendment. She said:

“Hollie’s life literally hung in the balance in those early stages of pregnancy and if I only had to drive down the road to the nearest abortion clinic or to my GP, which is what the Government is proposing, then I can almost certainly say that Hollie would not be alive today. The time it took to plan an abortion in England was the time I needed to change my mind.”

Cora Sherlock, spokesperson for the Love Both campaign challenged the crowd “to give it everything we’ve got in the next fortnight to protect the 8th Amendment. She said:

“This debate is not about health care. Simon Harris has published his outline for what would repeal the 8th Amendment: A vote for repeal is a vote for one of the deadliest abortion laws ever proposed.

“The definition of healthcare in countries where abortion is legal has become corrupted. The same would happen here if we repealed the 8th Amendment. Genuine healthcare is about saving life, not ending it.”

Eileen O’Riordan, mother of the late Dolores O’Riordan of the Cranberries, also said a few words to the crowd. She said Dolores was always opposed to abortion and that the O’Riordan would be voting No to repeal on the 25th of May.

A number of members of the Oireachtas attended the Rally including Mary Butler, Peadar Tóibín, Peter Fitzpatrick, Carol Nolan, Diarmuid Wilson and Rónán Mullen.


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