Q:  What is the 8th Amendment?

A:  The 8th Amendment is the clause in the Constitution that protects mums and babies in pregnancy. It was inserted into the Constitution in 1983 and supported by a 67% of those who voted in the referendum. The 8th Amendment was voted in at a time when other countries were introducing abortion and abandoning the right to life of unborn babies.

There are very few laws it can be said with certainty save lives. The 8th Amendment is one such law.  There are so many stories of mothers and parents who contemplated abortion, only to change their minds at the last minute. Having to travel to England meant a few extra days planning and gave them the time to think things through a bit more and decide against abortion. Today, they cannot believe they ever entertained the idea of ending the life of the son or daughter who now means the world to them.
At least 100,000 lives have been saved by the 8th. That’s 1 in every 50 people in Ireland or the population of Co. Kilkenny.

See article published on The Irish Times.

Download the actuarial report (pdf).