Voting Guide

Why we need to save the 8th Amendment

May 25th will be a critical referendum for the future of Ireland and its unborn children. This extreme proposal by the government would repeal the only constitutionally protected right for the unborn – the precious right to life – and would go much further than that, including:

  • Allowing abortion on demand all the way up to 12 weeks – that’s a fully formed baby.
  • Allowing British-style abortion – up to 6 months old
  • Stripping protections for babies with Down syndrome and making Ireland just like Britain, where 90% of babies diagnosed with Down Syndrome are aborted.
  • We won’t have any second chances to save the 8th amendment – that’s why we are asking for your vote today and urging you to make your plan to get to the polls on Friday, May 25th!

Voting Guide

Polling day is Friday May 25th 2018. Polling stations will open from 7am-10pm.

Before polling day, you should receive a polling card in the post telling you at which polling station you should cast your vote. If you don’t receive a polling card, you are still entitled to vote so long as you are on the electoral register. You can check this at

If you are not sure where to vote, you can also call our special election help hotline and we can check the register for you at 01 662 9275!

You will be voting on whether or not to approve the Thirty-sixth Amendment to the Constitution Bill.

  • A ‘Yes’ vote would delete the present article 40.3.3 (the 8th Amendment) and replace it with a new article, which would allow the government to introduce abortion on wide-ranging grounds.
  • A ‘No’ vote will retain article 40.3.3 in its current form, which protects the right to life of all unborn babies and prevents abortion on demand in Ireland.

Don't forget:

  • Mark ‘X’ in the NO box
  • Mark only one box, or your vote will not count.
  • Do not mark any other part of the ballot paper.
  • You don’t need to have your polling card with you when you go to vote. However you should bring some valid form of ID such as a passport, a driving licence or a public services card.
  • There’s no campaigning at polling stations so take off your No badge before you arrive.
  • Don’t take a selfie in the voting booth or polling station!
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