Without the 8th Amendment we face abortion on demand

This is not a referendum about abortion in limited circumstances. The Government has published its plan¹ for a new abortion law if the 8th Amendment is repealed.

The Government is planning:

  • Abortion without restriction up to 12 weeks, for any reason (See ‘Head 7’)
  • Abortion up to 6 months on the same grounds that has led to abortion on demand in Britain – unspecified mental health grounds (See ‘Head 4’ and definitions in ‘Head 1’)
  • Free abortions paid for with your taxes²
  • Abortions performed in your local GP surgeries and hospitals
  • Irish citizens would have no vote on future abortion laws
  • Foreign abortion clinics setting up in Ireland for profit

This plan is more extreme than the law in Britain which results in almost 200,000 abortions every year³. The only way to prevent abortion on demand in Ireland is to Vote No.


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