Intellectual engagement

I first went out with the LoveBoth Street Outreach Campaign a number of weeks ago, for what turned out to be an enjoyable –if at times divisive– evening of intellectual engagement. I talked with roughly ten or eleven people over the course of two hours, and as it turns out people open up to you quite […]

Pregnancy, pride and prejudices

teen pregnancy

When I was in high school, a girl a few years older than me got pregnant. The rumour mill swirled and whispers were exchanged in the hallways as she passed by, her baby bump growing everyday. She was met with little more than judgmental stares, raised eyebrows… And the knowledge that she and her baby […]

Dealing with a crisis pregnancy

crisis pregnancy Oireachtas Committee

I had graduated three months from my Masters degree when I discovered I was pregnant. I had always considered myself to be pro-life but now I was on this side of things it challenged me a lot and actually dealing with a crisis pregnancy was much harder than I’d ever expected. It was very difficult accepting […]