Pregnancy Support


Crisis Pregnancy Counselling

A person experiencing an unexpected pregnancy who wishes to speak with someone in confidence can contact Anew, a caring and compassionate counselling service for women in crisis pregnancy which is confidential and free. Anew has accommodation available for women who are pregnant and for a limited period following the birth

Telephone 1800 281 281 free, text 086-180 6337, or email  Visit Anew website:

Post Abortion Recovery and Healing

Anew offers Post abortion counseling and support.

Rachel’s Vineyard Ireland provides counselling and healing programs for those hurt by abortion.  Visit Rachel’s Vineyard website:

Women Hurt is a project initiated by women who regret their abortions and wish to share their stories of hope and healing with women who find themselves in similar situations.  Visit Women Hurt website:

Silent No More is a campaign designed to educate the public about the devastation abortion brings to many women and men.  Visit Silent No More website:


The Miscarriage Association of Ireland is a charitable and voluntary body set up with the support of women and men who themselves have been through miscarriages. Visit The Miscarriage Association of Ireland Website:

Palliative Care

The Irish Hospice Foundation supports the development of hospice care and promotes the hospice philosophy. Visit Irish Hospice Foundation website:

One Day More

One Day More is a support group made up of parents who received poor pre-natal prognoses for their babies. Some of their babies died shortly after birth, some before and some fortunately are still with us.  The group exists to offer support to any parent who has just received a difficult pre-natal prognosis for their baby.  Visit One Day More website: