While volunteering at a church-gate collection, a very elderly Gentleman approached me and emptied his wallet into my collection box. I protested at what was a very sizeable donation. He said to me, ‘Money is no use to me anymore’.

He went on to tell me that some years before, his only child – his daughter – had returned home from college pregnant. He had demanded she get rid of the pregnancy to avoid disgracing the family. She travelled to England with his wife for the abortion.

He then said ‘She never came home’. I asked did he mean his daughter had stayed in England? He said she had returned to Ireland but the abortion left her with a deep depression. She returned to college some time later but her depression worsened and in the end she took her own life.

This had a terrible effect on his wife and she died shortly afterwards of a broken heart. His words were; ‘I am on my own now. I have lost my wife, my daughter and my only granddaughter. My selfishness has killed all three’.

This man’s story has had a lasting effect on me. Every time I think of his words it reminds me of the pain and sorrow which I believe he truly felt. Abortion effects women, but it effects families too. It’s so important that we vote No on May 25th.