Mary’s Story: “She was the making of me”

On the 1st of April 2013, I found out that I was going to be a mother, and I couldn’t have been more distraught. I was 19, in my second year of college at UL, and had a part time job in Dunnes Stores. I was very happy with how things were in my life. […]

Irene’s Story: “I love her to the moon and back.”

I’m originally from South Africa. I have been living here in Ireland for the past eleven years. Six years ago I got pregnant. At the time I didn’t want the baby, I really wanted an abortion. But because I was not living in South Africa I couldn’t have one. It was a tough pregnancy because […]

Con’s Story: “She never came home.”

While volunteering at a church-gate collection, a very elderly Gentleman approached me and emptied his wallet into my collection box. I protested at what was a very sizeable donation. He said to me, ‘Money is no use to me anymore’. He went on to tell me that some years before, his only child – his […]